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Installing SmartGit 2.01 on Ubuntu Linux 10.04

SmartGit is undoubtedly my best git client both for Windows and Linux. I’ve installed it a couple of times in the last few months  already and it now is the time to stop learning how to install it again and again. Here I demonstrate how to install SmartGit 2.01 on Ubuntu 10.04

SmartGit offers many features but my best feature is the Conflict Solver. As the name implies, it helps you resolve version conflicts. Doing this without a GUI is a pain hence I treasure it. New in version 2 is a section on the bottom right of the window which shows Pushable Commits, which I think is a nice feature.

SmartGit was developed using Java so you’ll have to install Sun Java JRE. Below are full instructions on how to install both JRE and SmartGit. Installing SmartGit earlier than v2 is the same as below only that you won’t need to reinstall git.

Installing SmartGit

1. Download SmartGit from

2. Download Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Be sure to download the .bin and not rpm if u are using Ubuntu.

3. Once downloaded, you’ll need to make the bin executable and then run it.

chmod +x jre-6u23-linux-i586.bin

running the executable will create a folder called jre1.6.0_23

4. Extract Smartgit and configure it. In a terminal do the following

tar zxf smartgit-generic-2_0_1.tar.gz
cd smartgit-2_0_1
cd bin

Replace the  SMARTGIT_JAVA_HOME variable  with the full path to the extracted JRE folder

5. Upgrading git. If you’ve got git already install installed using aptitude then most likely you have git (on Ubuntu 10.04). SmartGit requires git 1.7.1 or newer so we need to upgrade git. Download the latest git source from then in your terminal do the following

tar jxf git-
cd git-
sudo make install

You should restart your system for after installing for some changes to take effect.

6. Run SmartGit

cd smartgit-2_0_1
cd bin

7. Follow SmartGit Installation Wizard

To Create Shortcut on Desktop

  1. Right Click on Desktop and select “Create Launcher…”
  2. Select Icon from those included in /SmartGitFolder/bin/
  3. Enter path to /SmartGitFolder/bin/


If the version of git is still or you get the following screenshot while installing SmartGit during setup then you may want to try restarting your computer for some changes to be effected.


16 thoughts on “Installing SmartGit 2.01 on Ubuntu Linux 10.04

  1. Marc Strapetz says:

    Getting the right JRE is easier: be sure to have the “partner” repository activated, then install the package “sun-java6-jre” using Synaptic. This will also set JAVA_HOME properly, so you may skip configuration of SMARTGIT_JAVA_HOME.

    • sajayi says:

      Hi Marc, tried installing sun-java6-jre first but still got a java error when I tried running SmartGit 2.01. I think it worked with 1.5

  2. golyad says:

    Hi, I’m using Mandriva 2011, I followed your installation guide but whet I try inflating jre-6u38-linux-i586.rpm I get these messages:

    rpmdb: unable to join the environment
    error: db_init:db3.c:1009: dbenv->open(11): Resource temporarily unavailable
    error: cannot open Packages(0) index: Resource temporarily unavailable(11)
    DB: Berkeley DB 5.1.25: (January 28, 2011)
    error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

    Do I need any pre-installation config?

      • Akhtari, Golyad says:

        Hi again : No I’m running it as root, Do i have to setup JAVA_HOME before or something related to PATH? Does “Mandriva” need different configs?

        Regards, Golyad

  3. golyad says:

    Hi again:
    thanx for your respond but I’m running as root, it seems there something wrong with my JRE, I tried to set JAVA_HOME in /usr/java/bin but still no change:(

    • sajayi says:

      Hi, so sorry but it’s been a long time since I’ve used Mandriva and I currently don’t have any installation to test on.

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