Android USB Tethering Rocks!

Surrounded by high speed internet in the air but I couldn’t browse! That was like really really discouraging. So why? Well I had not been able to fix WiFi issue with Ubuntu 10.04 and my USB dongle was no good. Then my Android phone came to the rescue. Previously I had tried USB tethering when using a mobile network 3G/HSPA but never with WiFi. I connected to the WiFi network with my phone and then activated USB tethering and like magic my laptop came back to life!!!! I’m impressed!!! 😀


ERROR 1307 (HY000) at line 31: Failed to CREATE PROCEDURE

I recently crashed my database by importing a database backup created with mysqldump with the option –all-databases. Before importing I sensed I may be heading for rough waters but I had no idea. First, all my users were overwritten. I was able to recover from that easily by resetting the passwords.

The next problem was even more difficult. I got the error  ERROR 1307 (HY000) at line 31: Failed to CREATE PROCEDURE whenever I tried to create a new procedure. After doing a but of research I found the solution.

mysql_fix_privilege_tables --verbose --password=yourpassword

I then restarted mysql and that was it!


Copyright or Copyleft?

I stumbled on an interesting article titled “No Copyright. The Real Reason for Germany’s Industrial Expansion?” by Frank Thadeusz and I finally saw some of the factors that lead to the industrial revolution in Germany. How could the non-existence of copyright laws turn a country into an industrial giant.

It’s not hard for me to believe this as an open source enthusiast because it’s evident in the tools I use. Open source licensing has revolutionized the software industry once dominated by proprietary giants. Copyleft has made little software Davids kill the Goliaths and ascend the throne of market dominance. Apache, Linux, Android, PHP, MySQL are a few open source technologies that have made incredible achievements with only two stones and a sling.

I must therefore concluded that it’s not sufficient to justify a law by its direct consequences, we must also judge the law by it’s unintended consequences. The unintended consequences usually appear after a much longer period of time as is highlighted in the article mentioned and just as it has taken decades for  Richard Stallman’s free software movement and copyleft licensing to blossom. However, these unintended consequences could sometimes prove that a law is counterproductive.

This saying summarizes it all, “By their fruits you will know them”.