Quick Introduction to jQuery Mobile

By popular demand, I’ve been working on several mobile applications in the last couple of months. I’ve come to love jQuery Mobile (jQM) for it’s simplicity and ease-of-use. I also love the rich UI components, tools that make creating apps easy, much more. A super cool friend, Adegbenga Agoro, asked for a short introduction to jQM and this post is a result of that intro. This is a sharp-sharp (Nigerian slang for quick) introduction to jQuery mobile. It showcases my favorite tools and resources for working with jQM.

Where to start? http://jquerymobile.com. It’s got everything. Demos, docs, tips, device compatibility etc.

Tools & Tips

jQuery Themeroller

Create Theme Swatches for jQuery Mobile Interface. Allows d rag and drop of colors to UI components.Update existing themes by importing css. Allows export of themes in css format & includes icons.

Mobile Apps > PhoneGap

Want to great Mobile Apps? Compile jquery mobile webapps using PhoneGap [http://phonegap.com]
Goto http://build.phonegap.com

Prototyping > Codiqa

Create prototypes quickly with a simple, intuitive drap-and-drop interface. Free trial available. SaaS

Quickstart Workflow

1. Create theme with jQuery Mobile Themeroller and export

jQuery Themeroller in action

jQuery Themeroller in action

You can also import existing themes.

2. Import theme into Codiqa

3. Create app prototype in Codiqa

4. Download prototype, customize and start adding functionality.

Please leave a comment if you’ve found this useful and if you have any questions.


3 thoughts on “Quick Introduction to jQuery Mobile

    • sajayi says:

      Thanks bro. Had limited time so had to make it brief and straight to the point. Trying my hands on microblogging cos that’s the only way all of these blog post ideas would ever see the light of day.

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