From Zero to Alpha

Seems I’ve been living in a bubble and time has been flying. Fortunately I learnt a lot while in that bubble and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the stuff I’ve learnt or I’m reminded of. From trying my hands out with Android development to pitching to VCs, I’ve begun to realize how important it is to not delay in implementing your ideas. Yes they are a dime a dozen but there a few ones that get you excited. Surfing on that exciting is something I enjoy a lot and I’m longing for more. 

I’ve learnt you really don’t need to figure everything out before you start working on your idea apart from if it meets real people’s needs. Does it meet your needs? Is it just you or do you see 10s, 100s or 1000s or even 1Ms of people out there you’ll be meeting the needs of. If you can see some people enjoying your solution and you’ve got the time I’ll most definitely suggest you give it a shot but keep your day job. Create your prototype and see how it goes. And most importantly, enjoy your solution!


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